Combating Acidosis: Things That We Can Simply Do

Acidosis occurs when your body contains a lot of acids in fluids which your kidneys and lungs can’t control the Ph levels. There are several reasons why you become a victim of this condition. To name a few; obesity, asthma, alcohol off the limits, diabetes, chest problems and different nervous problems. All this can be controlled with simple acts. This article will guide you on how to prevent acidosis in your life.
Stay hydrated all the time
This is the best solution for you. Anyway, drinking water is a really good medicine to stay away from different diseases. Even other fluids will help you to quench your thirst but be mindful whether the other drinks are safe and has low calorie levels. Overuse of alcohol is another reason behind this health condition. If you control your alcohol limits it would be a great help. Normally it’s said to drink forty eight ounces of water a day or in other words at least three liters. Even heard of alkaline water? This type of water has high levels of Ph compared to the normal water. One of the main alkaline water benefits is to combat the acidity in your body. So, if you are already diagnosed in this problem you can consume alkaline water instead of the normal water.

Say no to smoking
Smoking has become a main reason behind a lot of health conditions like cancer, lung problems, coronary heart disease, blood pressure, blindness, bone loss and now acidosis. Why this can be a reason because respiratory acidosis can occur due to lung problems. So, smoking can cause different negative breathing problems for you. If you can get away from smoking you can cut off a lot of health conditions.
A healthy weight
Many obese people have a high risk on being victims of acidosis. It’s natural because once you are overweight you have breathing problems and this can be direct cause to respiratory acidosis. However, maintaining a healthy weight is really beneficial in many ways. It helps you to stay fit, and by fit we mean that you can do everything that a normal human being could do. For an example if you are suffering from obesity you find it hard to do daily exercises but if you are fit, it’s not a big deal. Add a lot of green vegetables, fiber and fruits to your diet. Not only will you stay healthy but you will look good as well. Even though the causes of acidosis might be ignored by many of us the simple good habits we follow daily will lower the risk of us falling into it.
Other contributing health conditions
As aforementioned diabetes can be a helping hand for this condition. So, if you are taking your proper medications and consuming healthy food, don’t worry you are not going to be a victim. People who ignore their health status and have poor control can easily have a probability in falling to this trap. Other conditions like cholesterol and asthma should also be properly treated because weight and breathing problems have a partial contribution for acidosis. Click this link for more information about water filters in Singapore.