Employment Opportunities In The Tourism Industry

In comparison to many others sectors in government, the tourism industry is booming in the current market. This has increased the job demand in this sector and thereby encouraged many youngsters to follow this path. If you think that working the tourism industry is your call, then here are some employment opportunities that you can try out.


Airlines industry is one of the fastest growing businesses in the world. The number of people travelling by air is growing by the day thanks to technological developments. If you want to get occupied in this industry, you can try out many jobs. One of the most common occupations include air hostesses and cabin crew. Of course, you can become a pilot – but that will require a lot of qualifications. You can also work in the ticketing department.


The number of employment opportunities in the sector is booming. Regardless of the level of your qualifications, you will definitely be able to find yourself a job in this sector quite easily. You can either work for the security or the immigration if you interested in field work. Of course, there are maintenance work and F&B jobs in Singapore in this sector too. You can choose an occupation depending on your personal preference and qualifications.


This is the sector in which the most number of occupations are offered. There are various type of employment opportunities that are offered according to different levels of qualifications. For instance, if you have skills in the culinary sector, then you will be able to find F&B jobs quite easily. You can also get vacancies such as receptionists, managers, etc. The type of job you get will ultimately level of the requirements of the occupation. For instance, in order to become a hotel manager, you need to possess interpersonal skills as well as certain specific educational requirements.


If you are not interested field work, then you can get a type of work in which there is a lot of documentation. Being a travel agent or tour operator is actually quite fun. You can put tour packages for passengers. This work includes a lot of networking since you will have to work with airlines, accommodation providers and attractions etc. You can either work for a travel agency or work as an independent operator. 

There are many other employment opportunities in the tourism sector that you can choose. Make sure to go through and each every one by seeing their computability with your qualifications before making your final decision. Click this link https://www.freeboh.com/cat/16/events for more information about event jobs in Singapore.