Facts About OHSAS 18001

For any company employee’s health, safety and welfare is a top priority. However, you would have heard many incidents and news of employees experiencing dangers. Therefore, they’ve created a system OHSAS 18001 to mitigate these issues and ensure employee safety. On the other hand, depending on the size of the company, conditions, this standard vary. Moreover, it’s important that you know about it, as you would need it soon. On the other hand, in order to keep track of whether or not these policies are implemented and maintained, you should appoint an individual. They could be any higher-ranking authority of the company and is responsible to look over it. That said, here are some important facts about it:

 Different elements of this standard

 Development of the policies Policy and policy development

 Developing an organizational program

 Making arrangement for planning and implementation

 Making arrangements for measuring and reviewing of performance

 Auditing on a continual basis

 What the policy states?

 The main aim of the policy is to enclose information about the health safety and welfare practices that extend to employees, contractors, customers, visitors and other.

 Moreover, with the help of qualified and experienced OHSAS 18001 consultants, develop the policy. On that note, the policy should include the following;

 The objectives must be realistic and in align with the company goals.

 Ensuring that the workplace safety is maintained with the highest responsibility.

 Ensure to adhere to legal requirements.

 Make a note that, every individual of the organization are aware of each item of the policy.

 Make necessary changes to the policy when needed and inform about the changes to everyone.

 How are these policies organized?

The process of organizing is based on four C’s, which is briefly explained below;

 ‘Control’ – Commitment of every personnel and employee in the organization about clear health a safety objectives.

 ‘Co-operate’ – With the help and participation of employees planning, solving problems and many more.

 ‘Communicate’ – Sending the message about t health and safety to employees using different mediums.

 ‘Competence’ – Ensuring that every employee makes a great contribution to health and safety policies and objectives.

 How can you plan and implement it?

With the most effective strategies, you could prevent injuries, accidents, and many other health and safety related issues. Hence, with the guidance of OHSAS 18001 consultants, you could mitigate such hazardous situations. Moreover, it’s a continuous process of identifying hazards, analyzing the level of the risks and implementing control measures to reduce the risks to a minimum level.

These are some of the important facts about the OHSAS 18001 standard. It’s not a simple process and therefore, you need to hire these professionals to help you with the entire process of this standard. Moreover, there are other significant information that you should research about regarding it.