How To Teach Your Child A Second Language

The children of today are a different breed from the children few years ago. While the children of the past were perfectly content to listen to their parents and play outside as much as possible, children of today are far more complex. No child would take their parent’s advice at face value. And no child would be happy to play outside to their hearts content. This change has bad effects as well as good ones. It cannot be denied that the children of today are more intelligent than the children of a few decades ago. Their minds are less easily impressionable. But compared to adults a child’s mind is easily impressed upon. This is why most of our formal learning starts at a very young age. Teaching your child a second language is extremely important. Here are some tips that you too can use when teaching your child a second language.

Choosing the language

As mentioned before, children’s minds are easily impressed upon. So as parents, you need to pick the second language that your kid is to learn very carefully. Think about how you are going to teach your child the language? Does he or she have a person to speak it with frequently? Are there classes for the said language? What is the current demand for the language? You need to think of all these things before you pick the language that your child is going to learn. For example, if your child’s school offers Chinese speech and drama right up to high school you can let your child learn Chinese as his or her second language. Make sure that there is always a way for your child to brush up on his or her skills in that particular language. There is no point in starting with one language and stopping half way.


Start early

The ideal age to start teaching your kid a second language is when he or she is 2 – 3 years old. This is the age where a kid starts to recognize patterns in the words that they hear regularly and also expand their vocabulary quite fast. In this age, children absorb new languages like a sponge. If you have passed this age, fear not. You can still start teaching your child a second language. Just make sure that you start off creatively. Enrolling kids to a playgroup is an apt example.

Create a stimulating learning experience

The best environment to learn a second language is not a classroom. Find a native speaker of the language and make sure that your child spends some time with that particular person. This way, your child will pick up tones, words, context and accents in the right manner.