Notable Car Brands To Consider

The world has many types of car brands that are used by many a people in the world. But what would be the best for you and what would suit you the best? Answering this question could be very hard to all the motor heads around the world. If you like a car it may not be all that cheap. So selecting the one that meets all your needs and if it is a brand that you know would perform well, you should consider purchasing it. Given below are some types of car brands


This German automobile which is luxurious is every teenage boy’s dream. They have a subsidiary company which produces motor bikes as well. The BMW has several ‘classes’ where they have designed cars for people of the tip of the social strata. A person can choose from better and the best here. Last year itself they have produced nearly 1.7 million worth of BMWs. Minis, Rolls Royce and Motor cycle are the subsidiary brands of BMW.


Honda is Japanese car brand which is also the brand that manufactures the most amounts of motor cycles. They also have a luxury brand called Acura. If you are going abroad and if you think you need a Honda to drive you around, just Google, car rental Honda in Singapore and you will be able to find a plenty. The Honda Civic, accord and the fit are very popular in Asian countries. The Honda company has a subsidiary air craft company too, in which they are planning to produce air jets as well.


This too, is a Japanese company which is also the 6th biggest in the country. They are not a company that is only into automobiles but several others as well such as chemicals and mining too. The lancer and the outlander are the most popular in the Asian countries. As a brand, Honda is more popular and so, there is a demand or car rental Honda in south East Asian countries. But these brands compete with each other very closely.


These are basically luxury sedans. This is a sub division of Toyota in Japan, and is the largest selling premium vehicles in the country. The sales for this vehicle have increased in a major way since the beginning. And it is now, a thriving brand in south East Asia, Latin America and Europe. Also, it is supposed to be on the top five of the most reliable car brands according to a survey done in the years 2000’s.

Given above are some car types to choose from. These are heavily popular in south East Asia and South Asia. See this link for more information about long term car rental Singapore.