Responsibilities Of A Modern HR Department

When we think of an HR department we think of the traditional department where nothing exciting happens other than releasing the employees’ monthly salaries. The HR department typically gets involved in many HR related activities such as HR planning, recruitment, training and development, and CSR and salary sub-divisions.

However, stemming from the personnel departments which were seen in the past the HR departments have come a long yet there are some modern characteristics that are needed to be part of the HR operation of a company ensuring that they are well ahead in their employee affairs and HR dealings. Read ahead.

Ensure productive work relationships

Through many studies and researches it was found out that employees have a high level of productivity when they understand their role within the organization and understands that their efforts are values and appreciated.  Therefore, even a small office can have a talent noticeboard whether it is on a physically displayed board or a digitally shared space where the factory level employees even could access to the board and see that their values are appreciated and recognized. This is one of the biggest responsibilities of a modern HR organization as they are expected to improve the productivity of the employees by way of increasing their feeling of belonging.

Get rid of unwanted rules and be flexible

At the present most people are working on two jobs, one job would be on a full-time basis and the other on a part-time basis. Therefore, it is highly important that the HR department changes its procedures to entertain flexi hours of work where employees could walk in at any time of the day and complete their tasks for the day within the allocated time for a day.

Also, unlike the past, employees are much more educated and empowered to make their own decisions and understand unwanted rules and regulations and fight against them. Therefore having too many  unwanted rigid rules will bring down the productivity of the employees as they will be focusing on following the rules and not on productivity and other key indicators such as efficiency and effectiveness.

Understand the different roles and work accordingly

Different roles of the organization are different from their work perspective and some of them have entirely different work schedules compared to the others. The traditional approach was to call a level of employees and ensuring that they particular level of employees across departments gets the same benefits and salaries and will have to follow the same company procedures.

The modern understanding is that while some of the employees need to attain the office on a daily basis some of the staff can work in a virtual office where they would be at home doing the same amount of work without physically coming to the organization.

 Modern HR departments are supposed to observe these differences of the roles of the different departments and treat them differently if empowerment and productivity are meant to be achieved.