Surprising Your Girlfriend For Her Birthday In A Long Distance Relationship

Most people believe long distance relationships do not work out simply because they believe you will be unable to maintain the closeness and intimacy that a real relationship demands. However the truth is being in a long distance relationship is in fact the ultimate test. If you can survive a number of years without your significant other being at your site and still manage to stay in a close relationship, it is almost proof that you will be able to handle anything that comes your way in the future. Furthermore today, with the advancement of technology, couples in long distance relationships have applications such as Skype, Whatsapp, Viber and a host of other applications available to them at their fingertips and therefore they do not feel like they are in a long distance relationship because they are able to talk and see each other every day on the computer.

Small gestures

While you are in a long distance relationship however, it is important to constantly make small gestures that physically remind your love ones that you are thinking of him and that you love them. Receiving something that you can physically touch makes a big difference in a long distance relationship. If your girlfriend’s birthday or your anniversary is coming up you can perhaps purchasing bouquet and have them delivered to her doorstep with a small note from you. Alternatively you could either order a cake online or send something in the mail that will remind her that you are thinking about her and that her birthday or your anniversary is special to you.

Today, with online purchasing being so popular it should be fairly easy for you to buy flowers online in Singapore and have they delivered to your girlfriend. There are a number of companies in every country that operate mainly to deliver gifts to people who have loved ones living overseas. Make sure that you include a little note from yourself and the gift that you sent her to personalize it even further. Online gift companies will have the option on their website that will allow you to do this.

If it is financially viable and if the option is available to you, make an effort to each other at least once a year. This can make all the difference in a long distance relationship. Although email facebook twitter and all other social media applications make it easy for you to interact, make an effort to write a letter or a card once in a while and send it through email to your loved one. Receiving something with a loved one’s handwriting on it and having something that they have felt and touched can be an amazing feeling.