Tips To Look Ravishing In Your 30s

The 30s are a confusing time! Your body starts showing signs of ageing while your heart is still stuck in your 20s and refuses to acknowledge the fact that you are now in the 30s club. Here are a few tips to maintain your youth both mentally and physically during this era.

Chop Off Your Years

It’s time to move on from your boring old hairstyle which makes you look and feel older than you actually are. Book yourself a hair appointment and get that stunning new haircut that you always dreamed of. Bangs or a fringe to suit your face shape would make a world of a difference. While you’re at it, ask your hairstylist to color your hair a different shade or add a few highlights to suit your current hair color. Opting for a new hairstyle is sure to turn a few heads and boost your confidence as well.

Maintain a Routine

The most evident signs of ageing are likely to appear on your face. Therefore, it is essential to maintain a skincare regime during your 20s and take it a notch higher during your 30s by adding a serum or anti-ageing cream to the usual routine which includes a cleanser, toner and moisturizer. Ensure that you follow this method religiously each day and don’t forget the sunscreen. From time to time you could get a facial done at the salon or opt for home remedies to maintain your skin.

Oral Care

Many a times, women tend to focus more on their facial features and hairstyle which causes them neglect their oral hygiene. It is common to experience dental problems such as cavities, crooked teeth, bleeding gums and yellowing of the tooth’s surface. It is important to visit a dental centre every 6 months to perform a total checkup and rectify any issues that may be causing the problem. It would be recommended to perform a teeth whitening surgery if your teeth are gradually turning yellow.

Make the Necessary Changes

As you grow older, there are certain habits that must be changed. It’s time to get rid of the high sugar diet and start eating healthy meals along with regular exercise. In addition, if you feel that your skin is sagging then you could opt for a face lift or Botox treatment or any cosmetic surgery that you feel would rectify any aspect of your body that makes you feel uncomfortable. Apart from this, if you wish to improve the condition of your teeth you could opt for veneers Singapore or teeth re-alignment to rectify your smile.

There is no point being terrified at the thought of 30. Instead, embrace the changes and embark on this chapter of your life with a positive spirit and you will feel younger than ever!