Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats

The battle between dogs and cats has been going on for a very long time, and it has been proven time and again that dogs make better, faithful and loyal companions than that of the felines. Although both types of domestic animals can be very helpful to the owners, if you are torn between whether to buy yourself a dog or cat – below are the reasons as to why you should opt for a dog.


It is the nature of the dog to protect its master. Felines on the other hand, cannot do so due to their inherent nature. You would never feel alone if you have a dog as your pet. No intruder would dare to come to your house if they know there is a dog taking care of the household. They are an excellent form of security if trained well and are amazing creatures to have by your side at all times.


Most dogs are much more intelligent than cats. For example they can be trained to bring you your newspaper to even help you with your day to day simple chores with rigorous and proper training. They are excellent creatures to take when hunting, and even during investigations – whereas felines are typical domestic animals. Without buying dog you could always adopt one and give one of them a loving home. If you think it may be difficult, all you have to do is Google the keywords how to foster a dog and you will find enough and more ways.

Health and Fitness

Dogs need continuous care. Walking them around the place would be a great source of fitness for the owner as well. They are kept together with people with certain heart conditions too, for example there are service dogs too, for they are very sensitive to certain changes in a human’s body. You could always adopt a full grown dog, if you think training one as a puppy is hard. You can ask the local authorities as to how to foster a dog and they will help you with the necessary means.


They are considered ‘the man’s best friend’ for this precise reason for they are completely and wholeheartedly faithful to their master. People suffering with depression and even mental conditions such as down syndrome, keep doggy as companions for they understand these defects in humans and react to them in better ways than other humans could.

Given above are reasons as to why one should have a dog as a pet rather than a cat. Although it always boils down to personal preference and choice, it is obvious that dogs outsmart the domestic felines.